They recommend us!

We have chosen to bring you recommendations from customers we’ve engaged with over the years, even before Tamayo.

You are welcome to contact any one of them for an objective perspective on us.

Gonen Roditti

VP Support

During 2020, a decision was made at Pixellot to enter the B2C market with the company’s new family of YOU products.

We understood that our CRM, Help Desk and communication solutions we worked with in the global B2B market require extensive adaptation to the B2C market and we must have a flexible, complete and advanced solution for unified management and communication with B2C customers throughout the customer’s lifecycle – from lead, registration and customer support.

We tested a number of market leading systems like Salesforce and Hubspot and finally we chose ZohoOne as the most suitable system for all requirements and chose Tamayo for application work.

After four months of work, we started using the system, we are very satisfied with the complete solution from Zoho that meets all our needs: CRM, HelpDesk, Marketing Automation, Chat & Bot and BI and we continue with the necessary adjustments and extensions.

I highly recommend Tamayo as a project leader, the team is professional, available and flexible in terms of working hours (including working with users in the US), the team met all the requirements of the system including schedules, control, budget and metrics and we happily continuing to expand the solution to other areas.

לוגו של שופרסל שביצעה שיתוף פעולה עם חברת Tamayo

Zvi Baida

VP Customer Care


Sharon worked with us on the implementation of a CRM. He is professional, caring and committed to the project and contributed to its success.

המילה מבנה על רקע אפור של לוגו

David Zvida


Mivne Group

Yuval is a professional. He brings a deep understanding of the organization’s requirements to successfully lead processes. He is committed to the customer and assures the system’s optimal fit to their requirements.

Pazgaz Logo - the company works with Tamayo Technologies

Amir Erez, Adv.



Running an IT project is a daunting task. Being a company’s contact point to a contractor requires you to know and explain quit a bit. But being someone that can be trusted is a rarity. I trust Sharon. Period. Amir.

Tera-Bio פונט של חברה כחול לבן, היא עובדת עם Tamayo

Dafna Levenvirth

Head of Programs, Tera Bio Tech

Yuval and Sharon accompanied us in a thorough and detailed process of defining our company’s customer management and management of business opportunities. They demonstrated extreme patience and professional capabilities as they guided us step-by-step to defining our own needs and processes.

The result is a well-fitted and flexible solution, suited for a company progressing in a changing marketplace, which will be implemented by a diverse team.

We are convinced that Tamayo stands prepared to continue its support in this project, as well as in additional projects that are already emerging.

Perrigo - לוגו. החברה באה בשיתןף פעולה עם Tamayo technologies

Arnon Efraim

Commerce & Service Manager

Perrigo, Israel

We worked with Sharon on the implementation of a new IT system. Sharon demonstrated a very high level of professionalism and availability. His work can be characterized as accurate, in-depth and with a quick diagnosis of the organization’s needs. I recommend Sharon wholeheartedly!

REIT 1 לוגו של חברת נדל"ן שקיבלה ייעוץ עבור Zoho CRM מחב' טמאיו

Aviram Benasuli



Yuval, we worked together on a project in which you served as an external consultant. I was very impressed by the design process you led with great professionalism, efficiently and service. We had excellent cooperation, and a sense of security with your understanding of our organization’s needs

Perrigo - לוגו. החברה באה בשיתןף פעולה עם Tamayo technologies

Karin Cohen

Customer Service Manager

Perrigo Israel

My name is Karin and I am Perigo’s customer service manager. I want to share my personal story: I arrived at Perigo in July 2018 and the first project I was tasked with was to design and implement a Salesforce CRM system for the company’s service centers and sales teams.

I did not know the company’s processes and did not come from a background of pharmaceutical companies. Then I met Sharon – he escorted the project from beginning to end, going down to the smallest of details. Always service oriented courteous while thinking of and providing creative solutions. Today, a year and a half later, Perrigo has a good and comprehensive CRM system. Today I understand the meaning of being accompanied by a professional, who keeps me from missing even the smallest of details. Thank you very much and good luck in the future, Karin.

Avi Lavie


XT Holdings

Yuval is a person who sees people and understands their needs even before technology. Not afraid to tell the truth with sensitively, even if it is not really pleasant. In my experience, Yuval is a game changer for a successful application of an IT system.

cms כיתוב מעוצב של לוגו כחול על רקע אפור

Joseph Cohen



I would like to highly recommend working with Yuval Shamir. Yuval accompanied us for two years in a long and complex project. His work is characterized by an accurate diagnosis of the customer’s requirements, pleasant demeanor, and personal service. Working with Yuval gives a real sense of partnership.

Eran Gutman

CIO & Digital

Shikun & Binui Group

Yuval is a first-rate professional. He brings with him the ability to understand and analyze business processes and requirements. Along with this ability, Yuval has experience in the execution of complex projects while managing risks and achieving success in the implementation phase.

Eran Meller

Founder & CEO


I would like to warmly attest to working with Sharon – an uncompromising professional with a very deep technological and business-process understanding, with end-to-end knowledge and experience. From accurate diagnosis of our requirements as a customer, through designing the right solution, managing the tender, choosing a vendor, and managing the project. Working with Sharon gives a sense of true partnership combined with a highly professional service.

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