Zoho's values

אייקון של טיל, חלק מהאינפוגרפיקה באתר חברת טמאיו המשווקת זוהו

A private company with a public vision

Zoho has stayed private and never taken other people’s money. Neither will change. This keeps Zoho independent and beholden to only the customer, permitting a long term view to naturally unfold. Zoho is private, but far from small.

With nearly 10,000 employees across the globe, Zoho’s style of unconventional thinking seems to have paid off.

Zoho’s investment in people is a vital part of its R&D edge. With a comprehensive program to hire high school students and train them – named Zoho Schools of Learning, over 15% of its engineers come from this program. Not only is the program good for the company, it is also good for the communities Zoho lives in.

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A focus on what matters.

Zoho is committed to spending your money wisely. Zoho invests more in product development and customer support than in sales and marketing. It always struck Zoho as paradoxical to charge the customer extra for the privilege of marketing back to them. By keeping their cost of attracting customers low, Zoho keeps its prices affordable and passes the savings onto to its customers.

Zoho is also gentle in its sales approach, it does not push us to push you. You will not find them trying to endlessly upsell you, or buy your loyalty through multi-year contracts. And with growth that regularly outstrips its competitors, we know their model works.

אייקון של מנעול כחול, used by Tamayo Technologies

Free from prying eyes.

The decision to value customer privacy isn’t one you make after watching which way the wind blows. It must stem from prior belief, perhaps even dogma. This is exactly why Zoho made the decision more than two decades ago that they would not sell ads inside their products, not even within the free editions. Zoho isn’t interested in tracking your clicks to feed the marketing monster. They promise to make money the traditional way – by bringing you valuable software that you are happy to pay for.

אייקון של רץ במשחק שחמט, הרקע הוא צהוב. חלק מהשפה של חב' Tamayo Technologies

A product to meet every need.

Over the years, Zoho has crafted dozens of products with equal fervor. Now they are even available under one single integrated suite, Zoho One, that can put a business completely on the cloud. Unlike its competitors, who periodically wake up to discover gaping product holes that they must now fill urgently with acquisitions to reassure their shareholders, Zoho crafts its portfolio with patience and anticipation.

Zoho’s strategy is born from the realization that the vast majority of acquisitions fail, and it’s the customer that pays the price. Many of its products were developed to meet its own needs – for Zoho itself runs entirely on Zoho. This means its software often must fail Zoho, before it can fail you.

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